A secure browser-based interface makes the system easy to use and accessible from any browser capable device - like your computer, laptop, pad, even a smartphone.

Supply E-Procurement maintains an e-catalog with internal product data and/or “punch-outs” to vendor catalogs for seamless product searches, price comparison and ordering.

Orders are filtered through customizable “business rules” covering items like:

  • Account management and budget requirements

  • Minimum and maximum spending limits

  • Special order requests

  • Order change requests

  • etc.

Easily manages multi-level approval process, submits orders, verifies vendor and creates reports.

Vendor independence means you are no longer tied to a single vendor’s web site. Utilize multiple vendors by logging into and placing orders from one site - Supply E-Procurement.

| Features

Streamlined purchasing

Reduced paperwork

Vendor-independent catalog

Multi-level, paperless approval

Real-time order placement

Improved and verified invoicing

Reduce or eliminate warehousing