A user can easily log in through a web interface and submit equipment to be removed or request equipment that is to be removed.

This allows maintenance to only have to handle the equipment once, instead of picking it up and bringing it back to their warehouse.

With the ability of a user to be able to identify the equipment and its condition, it allows the school to quickly determine if it is to be disposed of, auctioned, or offered to the district.

With the various levels of authorization the equipment must go through, the school district can be assured that it was properly vetted before being removed.

The system also provides detailed reporting on equipment allowing an administrator to search equipment based off of type, statuses, or whether the equipment is still active or completed.

These reports contain all the information on the equipment and provides the user the ability to print the equipment to PDF or Excel.

In addition to the admin reports, maintenance can run reports on equipment that needs to be picked up/delivered and mark it complete.

A print feature allows maintenance to print out a detailed work order on the equipment that they can give to the workers who will be handling the equipment.